I’m moved in!

James Crayton & Co

James Crayton and company moved me into the House on Belmont Street. This business was recommended to me by friends, and now I understand why everyone raves about them. They are professional, gentlemen, who work efficiently, and know how to protect older furniture and heirlooms. I have  my grandfather’s desk, and the tea cart and coffee table he made in his carpentry shop in the old  red barn on their hilltop farm in eastern Tennessee.

James, Dwight, and Chris all  know my neighbors and neighborhood!  They introduced me to the owner of Duh, an exquisite home decorating business across the street from me.  I am sure I will be at their sales!

Soooo, the House on Belmont Street is…TINY!!!! Besides paring down,  a person cannot assume that furniture is on the right scale. Just about every piece I own belongs in a more spacious environment. Right now I have claustrophobia! However, I am sitting among boxes, and I am very tired.

The train has already gone through, the city lights are flickering in a clear sky. The air is fresh and I feel a sense of life pulsing around me. Granted, Pensacola is small compared to most cities, but local businesses and Mayor Ashton have renewed the downtown area with lots of restaurants, and more prosperous ventures.

So, I will slumber tonight in my new abode!

Good night……


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