With a Little Help from My Friends!

Moving the Tag Ends of the Universe 021You know how you just get dead tired and there are all the tag ends of a move that take more time than moving the big pieces of furniture? I mean things going to storage, back porch plants, bar b ques, odd items like computer and camera boxes, a stray vase, and, oh, a whole dishwasher full of dishes! Its a form of torture.

Moving the Tag Ends of the Universe 001Well that was me until about 3 pm today when the first of seven angels showed up to help me gather all the odd ends together and even smiled and made it fun. Each of them came in a truck, station wagon, or large hatchback. At one point we looked like a caravan on the way to my storage unit. With so much help, we finished the job in only an hour with plenty of time at the house to celebrate.

Moving the Tag Ends of the Universe 006My friends are interested in living well in architecturally beautiful spaces and life ways. They are designers, craftsmen, biologists and ecologists, organic gardeners, and sustainablity experts.  Each of them is supportive of my adventure and ready to give me advice and hands on assistance getting a garden started and even discussing organizing a tiny space.


Moving the Tag Ends of the Universe 030Then I was graced with a new neighbor: Prince who dropped by to check out the place, the people, have a drink, and claim a spot for himself.


Other amazing connections on this path: The gentleman who bought my dresser on Craig’s List is part of the Flying Wallendas of Sarasota, Florida! Terrence performed with the family in the past but now manages the set up for high wire performances by his son.

Moving to a tiny house, I’ve learned that when you think you are high diving all alone, there are many hands to catch you.  I am grateful to Christian, Sheri, Johnny, Jim, Bill, Carl, and Beverly.



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