Getting Started

Little House Rooms 008A small place is a worthy challenge when fitting in furniture and the “stuff of living” that we consider basic.  I am learning how little I really need to be comfortable and happy. For example, I hardly noticed the absence of a microwave.

Tonight I cooked for the first time: rutabaga, broccoli, ginger soup. It was divine. All produce I bought at the Palafox market including gluten free bread. The little Holiday brand electric stove is made in America. The only problem is that my chef sized cookie sheet does not fit. Cooking for more than a few people will definitely be grilling outside and dinner at a picnic table. (*I have been collecting coffee grounds and vegetable scrapes to start composting.)

Little House Rooms 001I gave up my queen bed reluctantly and kept a very comfortable twin quest bed as an interim strategy. I intend to go to a platform double bed as soon as I can find the right one. My grandparents’ desk is now the center of my business life. I gave up a whole closet full of envelopes, old stationery, gobs of pens, pencils, staples, etc that belonged to another era. I am digitizing everything. The wireless printer is on a rolling stand that I can pull out from the corner and print when ever I need a printed document.

New House 004History of the House on Belmont Street

John Cashio, the owner of the house, said he moved it from a community known as Myrtle Grove in Pensacola. It was built in the 1920s as a two room house with an outhouse. This was common in that day. John showed me the back door and front door frames and how the front room and back porch were added on. He moved the house to the current lot on Belmont Street in 1998.

The family who lived in the house were the Suarez family, descended from Spanish families who came to Pensacola hundreds of years ago. I will try to contact the current members of the family to learn more about the house and people who lived in it.

Other tidbits from Day 4 at the House on Belmont Street: Ya-Ya, my neighbor and I, banned together to talk to the young men living next to me and among whom one is a heavy metal guitar player. Ya-Ya and I, and apparently many others on the block, were captive to caustic chords on a couple of occasions. The young man was very gracious and immediately said he had not thought about it and agreed to temper his playing or use headphones. Ya-Ya has lived in his house for more that 30 years.

Moving the Tag Ends of the Universe 026Also I learned that Prince, the Super Kitty, hails from a lot on the corner where a kitty shelter is maintained by a woman who bought the lot to care for and feed feral cats. So I guess Prince belongs to everyone, or everyone belongs to Prince!

TRAIN COUNT: During my waking hours I counted five trains between 5 pm and 5 am. Two of them shook the little cabinet door on my desk and woke me up. I am getting some great reading done by the rhythmic clap of the wheels on the tracks and sonorous wail of the horn.  Rereading The Round House by Louise Erdrich.


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