Old Time Remedy

As I said in an earlier post, these little houses have virtually no insulation.  Heating a room is heating the outdoors. So, I have to think of other strategies. In spite of the cold, I slept through all trains last night, awakening refreshed. But, I felt like I was on a ski slope most of morning, trying to get warm, find the sunny spot, moving around rather than sitting still at a computer. Its okay for a short visit, but not okay for “home”. I’ll call Gulf Power tomorrow to see what I have used and owe them so far; I do not want a big surprise on my monthly bill.

Appropriate Technology 001My friend brought me a hot water bottle in a red knit sweater made in Germany (by Fashy) and swears that its a great way to stay warm. So as I write this, my little warmer in under the covers warming the sheets much like settlers did a couple centuries ago, and probably many people in the world today.

So, the house is charming, the neighborhood interesting, but the house is not very energy efficient. Something I should have figured out before making my decision to move. But, lease is signed, I’m in the stream for 12 months, and I am going to make them great ones.

Appropriate Technology 002Who would have thought my appropriate technology in 2015 would be a hot water bottle? Will let you know how it works.



Bought six 40 lb. bags of organic mushroom mulch today, and after a search for shovel and hoe, I bought them new from Lowe’s. Christian is coming over next week to show me his cardboard technique for keeping out weeds. We’ll construct a couple of small garden plots with deep rich mulch and let them sit and decompose while I am in Tucson for the Book Festival and Masters’ Workshop in Fiction. While I’m away in the desert, with friends, I’ll reflect more on this move and what it could mean, the challenges I’ll need to meet and what I might learn in the process.


3 thoughts on “Old Time Remedy”

  1. Quick comment! The hot water bottle is a phenomenon. I was warm as toast all night, and this morning it warmed me and my chair in the living room while I wrote in my journal and set up the day! Its sunny out and I’ll be on my way to a great cup of coffee at End of the Line Cafe soon, then to the Palafox Market for the week’s fare. I think I am going to survive this transition!!

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