Desert Living

Desert_Landscape[1]Returning to the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona is inspiring and soulful. In no other place in the world can such distinct plant communities be found, nor a more diverse, talented, and loving group of friends.

Our family friends of nearly 4 decades, Don and Annemie Baker, live in a home nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mts. just north of Tucson. Judith Chafee, a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the house.

Dead_Tree_Sculpture[1]The desert is a place where life walks a delicate balance limited by water. Many homes are xeroscaped with native low-water loving plants; thick adobe walls, passive heating and cooling, and rain water harvesting. With the sculpture of the desert denizen’s such as saguaros, barrel cactus, ocotillo, and even the dead remains of trees, what more do you need than large windows to frame it?

Don and His ArtDon Baker makes his own art using natural materials. His work has been displayed at many exhibitions including Miraval.



One thought on “Desert Living”

  1. This takes us back to our visit with Don and Annemie in their lovely dessert home. There is no place like it on Earth. . . thanks for sharing.


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