The Gardening Bug Has Bit!

Two of my neighbors have put in gardens, with the cardboard layering method and their gardens look wonderful. After the rain, and the first real sun in days, I went for a bike ride. Here is action in the village houses downtown:

Skateboarding in historic village
Skateboarding in historic village

I biked home ¬†meandering through the village and residential streets. Tried the St. Michael’s Cemetery but is was locked up. On the way home I stopped at Waterboyz, surfing, skateboarding, and lovely cafe, only to learn they just put in a garden to serve fresh vegetables and herbs to their customers.


20150419_162815My own garden is doing well with the exception of my pepper plants upon which every slug in Pensacola dines in the moonlight, or storms as it may. I removed them all with a tong and put them in soapy water two nights in a row and I am about to ring them with plastic bottle sections to prevent their brazen theft of my peppers!

20150414_121429Here is a shot of the new Single Fin cafe at Waterboyz. I ate lunch there. It was an excellent vegetarian sandwich on grilled Panini. Delicious! Tuesday I’ll try breakfast. I am meeting with Sean to talk about writing grants to support some ideas he has about supporting youth in the community. Small business rocks because it can respond to community needs in ways big box stores cannot.



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