Bugs, Bikes, and Books!

pillbug-1252081Life delivers the unexpected though we go about our lives as if we have some control. But no! The permutations of living rise up to bite us on our behinds. Examples: while I thought slugs were marching away with my garden in their moonlight orgy, it was those ancient crustaceans we know as Roly Poly bugs  that lumbered over my garden snatching lunch and dinner right out of my mouth.

bike cartoonThen, as I flew into the oncoming traffic after crashing into the door of a parked car, toppling like Don Quixote in his most uncomely hour, the driver with the door and I learned a hard lesson. I sustained bruises and maybe a hairline fracture on a toe which wants to turn blue whenever I walk on it. My bike is fine. This is another of Susan’s WAKE-UP calls. GET A MIRROR! DUH. I was biking too close to the car not having time to turn my head to see if there was a car behind me. See this advice from the Bicycle Lawyer.

Garden and Trip to Silver Springs 137

Last weekend I visited the Marjorie Rawlings State Park in Cross Creek, FL. I resonated with the writer and her chosen residence. It is an old Florida house with porches, floor to ceiling windows for circulation, a lot of fans humming air to circulate: orange trees and tall oaks and pines of the Florida hummock habitat. Rawlings became a superb writer, with many publications focused on her Florida Cracker experience in Central Florida. But with publication of her classic story, The Yearling, Rawlings finally gained national notoriety and income sufficient to support herself in style.

Garden and Trip to Silver Springs 157

The Rawlings House Dining Room

Garden and Trip to Silver Springs 081I kayaked on Silver Springs in Ocala, FL.

Garden and Trip to Silver Springs 079

 Some of the beauty of the original springs.




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