Why I Love Living in Pensacola!

Living downtown is a continued delight. I left an early morning meeting of the Foo Foo Festival–which provides grants to community arts and humanities groups to promote tourism–to shop for food. I headed for the Shoreline Foods market, a 40-year old international market featuring Greek food and epicurean traditions.

20150505_102302Located on Main just past Joe Patti’s Fish Market. I met the younger generation taking over the business from their parents. The market’s specialty’s are first press, cold press, extra virgin, olive oil from the family’s own orchard on Crete.You can buy in bulk and refill your container from then on. Olive bread  is baked daily from a family recipe, Greek feta cheese, feta dip, and many other fresh dishes are made only at Shoreline.

unnamed (1)Freshly ground and packaged spices – a very wide variety – and gourmet cuts of beef are other outstanding specialties of this remarkable family business. . There is also a big selection of wine.


20150505_100900After leaving Shoreline, I drove a few blocks to Joe Patti’s Seafood Market. This is a favorite of my family.  I bought a fillet of salmon and looked over the red fish and oysters and other seafood that my kids in Nashville requested I bring with me on a visit in  a couple of weeks. Outside I found Don making New Orleans style Beignets – 6 for $4, served hot on the spot. The market is over 75 years old. It began as a front yard concession by Anna and Joe Patti in the 1930s.

Joe Patti’s has a fresh market in their parking lot as well. And, if  you feel hungry, Joe Patti Junior’s place is around the corner, and several other fresh seafood restaurants down the road.

I could have easily biked to both markets from my Little House on Belmont, but I am still nursing my toe from the car door run-in last week. Here is the next form of transportation that I am considering:










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