Mom’s Day and Market

Market Photos 001Living downtown continues to enrich my life. Palafox Market was humming with music, art, and a proliferation of food and fresh products from local cottage and for profit businesses. Here is my fare for this morning. Strawberry Fig Preserves and fresh eggs, and (not in photo) dewberries from Mark and Katya Hainds farm; organically grown carrots, wax beans, and aquaponic lettuce each by different growers. Also not pictured is the Cuban pastry I ate!

Side MirrorI rode my bike down to Bikes Plus, right across from the market. They put a side mirror on my handlebars. We talked about biking accidents in Pensacola. Our population does not have a bike consciousness, i.e. looking out for bikers. Also folks like me need to be much more aware when riding! So it goes both ways.

Mom's Day 002Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day Weekend. I am blessed by Tommy and Amy and the Furs in Nashville who sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and my daughter Heather and Jay in Virginia Beach who sent me the blessing of Bueno Vista Club’s second album, Lost and Found, which I just love. Check it Out! I love #5, Black Chicken. My kids are still my one great treasure…

CactusThe garden is coming along. Heating up here, so watering everyday.  However, I think I will probably reap only a little fruit before July fries everything. I’ll nurse it along and chalk it up to my first try, then start seedlings to plant in August for a fantastic fall and winter garden. Hey! Did you know Florida has its own prickly pear? Mine is flowering.

Little House Rooms 009Still in love with my Little House on Belmont Street! It’s just the right size for one person. Might be a squeeze for two unless super compatible!




One thought on “Mom’s Day and Market”

  1. What a lovely Mother’s Day for a very special mother.
    Your breakfast looks wonderful! I’m so proud of the way you’ve embraced your new lifestyle. . . an inspiration for all of us.


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