Historic Places Near House on Belmont

House on Belmont Neigbhors 005 Just a few blocks from here, a historic landmark was preserved in the Crowne Plaza Pensacola Hotel. The historic L & N railroad passenger depot was restored; it is now the lobby, shops, meeting rooms, and lounge. The depot is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Its interior retains the elegance of its original artful designs and decor. Why is it that decades ago builders and designers made things to last, using not only the best materials, but the most beautiful. The elegance just makes you feel special.

House on Belmont Neigbhors 008The restoration included retaining pieces of the original furniture, lighting, and brass work. The roof, constructed from French clay tiles was reassembled piece by piece, after each tile had been removed, coded, cleaned, and then replaced in its original position. Click here for more information.

On the way to the Crowne Plaza Hotel I passed by homes on Belmont decorated for Memorial Day or just looking great as they are. Check out the vintage Ford Truck in the front.House on Belmont Neigbhors 001


House on Belmont Neigbhors 002


House on Belmont Neigbhors 004And, here is one of several home decor businesses that bring elegance to this Old North Hill Neighborhood.


3 thoughts on “Historic Places Near House on Belmont”

    1. Thank you. I am enjoying my first exploration of your blog, poetry, and photography. Gorgeous language and visual art. Thank you. PS I worked on my embouchure as a clarinetist in my younger days and know quite well how its shape forms the tone…

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      1. Thank you for you nice compliment. Not too many locals know about my blog. Mine isn’t private but I am careful because of the county work. I am also timid because I am in no way a professional writer like you are. I think you are the only other person I have found in Pensacola and I am glad to have found your blog.


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