After a long hiatus…

No, I have not died or been run over by a four wheel vehicle while on my two-wheeler. I’ve been thinking, plotting, and in the process, becoming a tiny space genius. Sorry, I am bragging a little here, but if you have a bunch of objects that need to go into an impossibly small space, I’m the Girl to Call.

Example One: Instant Office

Instant Office 001Starts with 1) moving my business laptop from the end of the bed to the desk so that I am looking outside to green;


Instant Office 0032) rolling the file drawer with a Samsung wireless laser printer on top to the “office”;



Instant Office 002 3) hooking up a portable Brother DSMobile600 scanner;  4) setting up music to play on a micro amplifier (Jam), and Presto! Instant Office is here.


Stay tuned for the next amazing solution to space issues: Seat at the Table.



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