The Inventive Mind

Boyd's Sock SleeveBoyd Christensen, friend for life and accomplished artist,  reminded me that with attention, we can invent many practical solutions that are attractive, useful, and environmentally friendly.

Boyd’s solution to sweaty, iced drinks, and to old socks where heels wear out first, is to create the perfect glass sleeve. (Later I learned that they also make perfect sweat bands for athletics.)

Artist’s are attentive to their surroundings – they think about design and function. Boyd’s son, Scott Christensen, designed an amazing and beautiful Toro Tissue Ring. I have one in my bathroom.

Betty Christensen, my other lifelong friend joins Boyd in this pursuit for the ultimate solution to life’s little problems.

Her kitchen is a study in this practice. Take for instance how she solved her need to discard ends and tops of veggies off a cutting board as she moves through several kinds of vegetables. She elevated the cutting board and inserts two plastic vegetable containers from the grocery.

Chopping VeggiesWhen she is finished chopping, the remains of veggies go to the compost bin.




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