Downsizing is Cool

Tiny House Hunters - HGTV Show
Tiny House Hunters – HGTV Show

Since moving to a tiny house, I’ve learned just how popular downsizing, tiny houses, and what feels like a new idea about living has seized the public imagination.

First it is now a fairly regular topic for AARP with this article in my mail box today: Downsizing? Ditch These 12 Items.  I am making an A on this list so far. The latest endeavor being to get rid of my storage area. Remember, when I started this new life in February, I said until I got rid of storage I cannot say that I truly have downsized.

Last weekend found me consolidating again, with lots of recycling multiple copies of items such as my dad’s death certificate,  etc. With digitization, who needs ANY copy?

A good friend who hosts the Gumbo Diaries Blog is an avid tiny house follower. She watches these TV shows: Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Builder, Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny House Hunters.

Not having a TV – part of downsizing and also saving me from my addiction to surfing the channels – I have not watched them. I am just living it. But, maybe I should. I might learn how to get rid of storage.

More on this later as I go through box after box of the hard stuff: out of 50 of the funniest birthday cards from my son, which do I keep? AARP suggests one or two  and digitize the rest. What do you think?


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