A morning’s walk…

Blooming Camellias
Blooming Camellias

On a morning’s walk in Pensacola’s Old East Hill Neighborhood I found much to celebrate. Camellias are blooming on a vacant lot near the little House on Belmont Street. Camellias are an Asian plant by origin but came to the gulf coast in the 19th century. We are home to the oldest, camellia club in the U.S. I find it wonderful that my hometown has such a group of people who celebrate this great flower and have planted many varieties in our town.

Other images include historic homes, light in my house, and my winter garden. Historic homes line the streets in this neighborhood which is the first plait of homes in our old city by the sea.


Historic home on Jackson Street
Historic home decked out for the holidays.
Little House at Christmas, 72 degrees and sunny.
My next door neighbor, YA YA, yard decorations. Enchanted!
Red Kale, Collards, and Mustard Greens!
Doors thrown open, light pouring in…I can never return to colder climes. I am in love with the gulf coast, ocean, and this little city.

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