The Renewal of Spring

Bubble FishI made the decision to stay on in Little House on Belmont. My landlord will be replacing old windows with new, better insulated windows, and putting another roll of insulation under the house. Its part of our deal.

My energy bills were very high last year, even with keeping the temperature high in summer and low in winter, which I admit was uncomfortable and made me doubt whether I would stay beyond my lease agreement.

But, I am enamored with Little House and believe I can eventually make it comfortable and accommodating for my guests.

Hummingbird and ParsleyI have begun planting a new garden but still have parsley, red and blue kale, and all my herbs made it through except the basil. We had a very mild winter, to say the least.

img_overlay-tempThis morning McGuire’s held the 39th running of their St. Paddy’s day Prediction 5K run, with 11,000 runners dressed in green tutus and wild hats, and green on green garb. Bag pipes, and big men with harry legs in colorful skirts were part of my morning’s mix as I gardened in 70 degree weather.

Bird Bath and Eggs



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