New Gig and New House

Blenman Elm Neighborhood Home
Blenman Elm Neighborhood Home

A lot has happened since the last post on this site. First, I published my first novel (Threshold), and second, I’ve relocated to Tucson to promote it. The story takes place in Tucson primarily but it is relevant to Southwestern cities and to anyone concerned about climate change–or not.

Adobe Style Home with desert landsacping
Adobe Style Home with desert landsacping

In Tucson I am trying another new form of living: cohabiting a shared home to reduce costs and enjoy companionship. While this arrangement specifically helps me with a short term stay (6 mos.) to market my book, it is also a little experiment to see how this arrangement might work for me on a more regular basis back home.

Colors blend with sky and earth.
Colors blend with sky and earth.

First, the house will be shared by me and two friends, one I know and the other friend is new to me. We found a 3-bdrm house in an historic neighborhood of Mid-Town Tucson in walkable distance to the university, shops, post office, and library.

The house was built in 1947 by the man for whom the neighborhood is named Harold Blenman and is in the Blenman-Elm Neighborhood. The home is a brick style ranch with a xeroscaped lawn including beautiful desert plants and trees and a gazebo with picnic table and large brick barbeque. The neighbors homes are a variety of styles, also xeroscaped and in pastel colors and brick or adobe.


3 thoughts on “New Gig and New House”

  1. Cute house! Will be interesting to hear how the co-housing experiment goes, as we need to refine that model as part of the new sharing economy.


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